TRCN 2014 NCQA HP Credentialing Webinars

Accreditation Standards for the Managed Care Organization's Credentialing Program | taught by Dilsa Bailey
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THERE aren't any significant changes to the 2016 standards. Changes made are documented in the attachments to this course. Continuous updates will be added to this course as they occur.

THESE sessions cover managed care credentialing processes that would be beneficial to new and seasoned credentialing professionals.

IF you are studying for the CPMSM or CPCS exams, this a comprehensive review of the NCQA credentialing standards, requirements, and real-life expectations.

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Credentialing Elements for Practitioners

Practitioner Rights

Credentialing Elements for Organizations

Delegation Oversight

Dilsa Bailey
Dilsa Bailey
Consultant and Trainer


Dilsa S. Bailey, CPMSM is a Medical Services and Credentialing Consultant and Trainer. Her experience in hospital, medical services, and managed care credentialing spans over twenty years. Her expertise in these fields have helped her employers and clients meet and maintain accreditation as well as the regulatory requirements for Joint Commission, NCQA, URAC, CARF, CMS, and various states. In addition to ensuring compliance and managing departments to a level of excellence, Dilsa has sat on both sides of the auditing table for delegation oversight.

Dilsa shares her knowledge regularly with peers through one on one coaching, webinars, and presentations for related professional organizations. Her training experience has included presentations at the 2009 National Association of Medical Staff Services Conference, the 2013 Annual Tennessee Association of Medical Staff Services Conference, and numerous presentations at quarterly Georgia Association of Medical Staff Services meetings. She has lead and facilitated educational seminars for her employers and clients. Her quest to empower credentialing professionals is evident in her creation of the popular Managed Care Credentialing Group on LinkedIn and her most recent book, “A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor: Tips from a Healthcare Credentialing Expert.”

Dilsa continuously maintains knowledge of the credentialing world and its effectiveness in the delivery of quality patient care. In that spirit, she has established long-term working relationships with talented and dedicated professionals across the healthcare organizational spectrum.

Dilsa S. Bailey, CPMSM

Course Curriculum

2014 NCQA HP Credentialing Standards Webinar - Day One
2014 NCQA HP Credentialing Standards - Day One
2014 NCQA HP Credentialing Standards Quiz for Day
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2014 NCQA HP Credentialing Standards Webinar - Day Two
2014 NCQA HP Credentialing Standards - Day Two
2014 NCQA HP Credentialing Standards Quiz - Day Two
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